We use the highest quality vinyl on the market, especially designed for interior design and will last outdoors for 5-7 years. Get creative with your space!

Originally from San Francisco, Eyval Decal has recently located to Lake Tahoe, Ca. This is a family business, run and operated by husband and wife team, Matthew + Nilu.

Our stainless steel flasks are hand-wrapped and designed with the highest quality, water-resistant vinyl on the market (the same material used on billboards and car wrapping).

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Originally from San Francisco, Eyval Decal has recently located to Lake Tahoe, Ca.

This is a family business, run and operated by husband and wife team, Matthew + Nilu.

We specialize in decals for the home, laptop, business and car, and we also make really cool flasks!!

If you have already received something from us, please share some pics of the creative places you have placed your decal! We truly love to see where our decals end up.

  • Eyval [ay-val]: awesome, very good and pleasant.
  • Decal [dee-kal]: A special design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface.

Matt and Nilu lived in places made up of cinder block walls (Hawaii) and brand-new, pristinely constructed walls (San Francisco). What did they have in common? Both were rentals, so they couldn’t take a hammer and nail to hang up anything to give the space some personality.

After 6 years in Hawaii and a year backpacking the world, Matt and his wife moved back to San Francisco to be closer to family, in the height of the recession. One look at those bare walls and Matt knew he had found what he was meant to do- start a decal company, making fun, removable decals that can add pop without the mess of paint or troublesome nail holes.

Matt’s designs are influenced by the creative vibe of the city, the beautiful nature in the mountains and the exotic places through their world travels: so they’re unique and fun. Made from the highest-quality vinyl on the market, Eyval’s decals will last indefinitely indoors, and outdoors up to 7 years. They’re washable and durable, and remove cleanly (great for those rented spaces we mentioned). And we don’t just make wall decals- check out our incredibly popular handcrafted flasks (Matt centers each decal on there himself), featuring dozens of designs and made to last, from the same material used on billboards and car wrappings. Eyval Decal also creates iPad and laptop decals to add some personality to your devices.

Think of it as adornment without the commitment…giving you the freedom to change your mind whenever you want.


  • The practice decal is an awesome idea. Thanks for adding a personal touch to my laptop; I really love it!

    Andrea McFarland
  • I could not be more happy with this purchase! EyvalDecal was wonderful to work with, and the delivery was incredibly fast. I will be back for more. A+++

  • We had this flask monogrammed and it looks great. Fast shipment, and Matt was very easy to work with.

    Melissa and Nicholas
  • My daughter loves it! its up next to her bed, she can’t wait to go to sleep tonight. prompt shipping, clear instructions. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

  • Great design, easy to put up and looks fantastic. Thanks.

    Sarah Nottle
  • I ordered this and had it engraved to customize it — it is so perfect! It arrived pretty quickly and I would highly recommend. Thanks so much!

    Taylor Sahl
  • The decal was easy to apply. My boyfriend loved it.

    Amy Kirk
  • This decal is AWESOME! Super easy to apply. My 6 yr old loves this in his room and so do all of his friends.

    Lisa Sandoval
  • Matt was super friendly and helped guide me on my design and the flasks I ordered turned out great! They were shipped quickly and thoroughly enjoyed!

  • It was a fantastic gift! My friend loved it and was so suprised. I am so happy i ordered it for her

    Gretchen Sauey
  • VERY VERY impressed with the communication and custom options provided by this seller. It arrived fast and in perfect condition! I would for sure shop here again!!!

    Tanya and Val
  • Excellent quality! This made a wonderful gift for my roommate. I received it super quickly, too! Thanks very much.

    Carrie Allison